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“Anshun unique” Golden Roxburgh Rose Attended Beijing World Expo, Attracting Investment of 5.313 Billion Yuan

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  On May 15th, in the Beijing World Horticultural Exposition, “Anshun Theme Day” event of Guizhou Pavilion with the theme of “Splendid Waterfall and Mysterious Fortress” was held in the multi-function hall.

  In the event, Anshun golden Prickly roxburgh rose and its series of products were promoted through video broadcasting, building booths, exhibition promotion, national song and dance performances, as well as on-site promotion. Meanwhile, Huangguoshu Waterfalls and Dragon  Palace and other series of natural landscapes, ethnic customs, historical humanities and other Anshun special tourism resources were displayed.

  Local enterprises from Anshun made a promotion at the promotion meeting, and exhibited more than 30 kinds of exhibits such as golden roxburgh rose products and Anshun Waterfall Maofeng green tea.

  In this event, nearly 100 investment projects were launched, attracting investment of nearly 30 billion yuan. 18 on-site contracted projects with a contracted amount of 5.313 billion yuan were signed, including 7 contracts with a contracted amount of 2.218 billion yuan, and 11 agreements with a contracted amount of 3.095 billion yuan.

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