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The reconstruction of the bus payment system in the downtown area of Anshun is completed

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  On June 10, it was informed by the Municipal Road Transportation Bureau that more than 400 bus payment systems in the downtown area of Anshun City have been completely upgraded. The public can use the bank card with cloud flash payment function and cloud flash payment APP to pay for the bus. It is very convenient for the public to travel.
  The transformation of the bus payment system aims to improve the quality and level of bus service, meet the public's demand for fast payment, and create a good travel environment. The newly installed equipment is a collection of financial IC cards, small double-free payment, cloud flash payment, and ODA technology. Among them, "financial IC card with small amount of double-free" means that when the cardholder uses the bank card with the cloud flash payment function, it can directly consume less than 300 yuan on the device supporting the "UnionPay flash payment", free of password and signature; cloud flash payment means that users can download China UnionPay cloud flash payment APP, and use mobile phone APP scan code to make payment; ODA is offline data authentication, adopting offline mode to delay online payment credit consumption mode, solving the problem of the impact of the environment on device communication. By using the cloud flash payment APP to take the bus, the public can enjoy a 50% discount on Monday and the random discount on other occasions.

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